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Complete Your Space With Unique Chairs

Most events require more than just some chairs, and Elegant Events is happy to provide those additional furnishings. Clients come to us for tables, linens, charger plates, sofas, and other nuts and bolts to properly fill an event space. Our seasoned team would be glad to help you pick out the perfect pieces for your event, and our past projects can offer a world of inspiration. No matter your aesthetic or budget, we’re glad to accommodate you. Ask about our hassle-free ordering process, as well as our delivery, set-up, and pick-up services.

Black Chiavari Chair
Clear Chiavari Chair
Gold Chiavari Chair
Mahogany Chiavari Chair
Silver Chiavari Chair
White Chiavari Chair
Black Chiavari Barstool
Gold Chiavari Barstool
Mahogany Chiavari Barstool
Natural Chiavari Barstool
Silver Chiavari Barstool
White Chiavari Barstool
Acrylic Infinity Chair
Black Infinity Chair
Gold Infinity Chair
White Infinity Chair
Black Ghost Chair
Clear Ghost Chair
Walnut Farm Chair
White-Wash Farm Chair
Walnut and White-Wash Farm Barstool
King and queen chair

The Perfect Chairs for Any Occasion

Whether a wedding is coming up or you’re in charge of planning a corporate event, we have you covered. Our team can point you to all kinds of chairs in different designs and colors. We’ll help you find the perfect product that matches your specifications. Check out these options, among others:

  • Traditional chairs in black, white, silver, mahogany, or gold
  • Barstools in several colors
  • Infinity chairs
  • King and queen chairs
  • Wood Chiavari chairs (black, white, mahogany, gold, silver)
  • Resin Chiavari chairs (black, white, mahogany, gold, silver, clear)
  • Ghost chairs (black and clear)
  • Farmhouse Chairs (walnut and white-wash)

Take a Seat With Elegant Events

We’re known for our selection of chairs at Elegant Events. Our team has come to be trusted for a range of upscale seating, including the famed Chiavari chairs. These chairs were first created in 1807 using coastal Italian craftsmanship. After years of design improvements, Chiavari chairs are still sought after today for their lightweight elegance. But that’s not all our Troy, MI event rental company has! Explore all the chairs we have to offer for your upcoming event.

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