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Enhance Elegance With Charger Plates

Our glass charger plates are the perfect accent to your table setup. Chargers add a dimensional element that really sets off your look. They occupy empty space and complete your look with sophistication.

Gold Medallion
Layer 3
Gold Trim
Layer 4
Silver Scroll
Layer 5
Gold Scroll
Layer 6
Ivory Lace
Layer 7
Rose Gold Beaded Trim
Layer 8
Gold Beaded Trim
Layer 9
Silver Beaded Trim
Layer 11
Silver Alpine
Layer 12
Gold Alpine
Layer 10
Silver Reef
Layer 13
Gold Reef
Layer 15
Gold Scalloped Trim
Black Rimmed
Champagne Linen
Black Rimmed Charger Plate

Numerous Options to Choose From

When you choose Elegant Events for your rentals, you’re not locked into just one design. We stock 16 different charger options for our clients to choose from. Some of our clients know exactly what they want, while others need some inspiration before they feel comfortable making a decision. Our team would be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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