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Get Comfy With Our Furniture Selection

Some events require a little extra lounge space beyond dinner tables and chairs. If you’re hoping to up the comfort factor at your event, take a look at our furniture selection. Elegant Events has several furniture sets available for rent. When you choose our top-notch rental company, you get outstanding products, world-class customer service, and competitive pricing. Learn more about our favorite furniture offerings.

white sofa set

Consider Our White Leather Tufted Set

If coziness is a priority, be sure to consider our white leather tufted set. This furniture set emphasizes comfort without compromising on sophistication. The neutral tone and style of these furnishings make them perfect for wedding receptions as well as corporate events. We include all the following pieces with our white leather furniture set:

  • Sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Two ottomans
  • Two white end tables
  • White cocktail table
Gold Highback King and Queen Chairs
Gold Lowback King and Queen Chairs
Silver Lowback King and Queen Chairs
White Highback Loveseat
White Sofa Set
White Sofa Set
White Sofa Set
White Sofa Set
White Sofa Set

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